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Cyber-Mobbing - Cyber Stalking - Cyber Bulling

Unlike in some neighbouring countries, there are no laws in Switzerland against stalking. The result is that victims are inadequately protected, critics say. Most stalking cases arise from relationships gone sour, says Esther Meier, head of the city of Bern's office for the protection of adults and children.

The answer basically states that the majority of stalking behaviors can be prosecuted by existing Swiss laws like e.g. Threats (Penal code 180) or misuse/abuse of communication systems (Penal code 179).

Some of them are criminal offences prosecuted only upon application by the victim, others are criminal offences liable to public prosecution. The former usually must be reported to the police no longer than three months after the incident happened.

If itʼs not possible to prosecute the stalkerʻs behaviour under current laws (e.g. Stalker waits in front of the house), they argue that the civil law will be helpful in such cases. They refer to Civil Code 28b which was established in 2007 and protects the personality (Civil code 28: Protection of Personality – 28b: Protection against Violence, Threats and Stalking).

The victim can apply at the court after a good private investigation.


In private and civil law there is no state investigative authority. For this reason, the Private Investigator Switzerland investigation service acts within the framework of the legal possibilities. By gathering information, facts can be clarified and legal disputes can be conducted or it is a matter of clarifying a criminal offence or personal problems. For this sensitive area of trust, we have the appropriate expertise and of course the necessary legal understanding.

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