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Incidents Mapping

Swiss Children Incidents Mapping 2021
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According to the NGO Missing Children Switzerland, ca. 25000 under aged children are missing per year (children trafficking, children kidnapping, children abduction) and 65% of them are never found. 

We are presenting you the Mapping on Swiss Children Incidents which were seen as a third-party kidnapping attempt.

This Online-Tool should help parents, grandparents, schools and care-givers in prevention of the third-party children abduction. We are not considering the runaways or parental abductions. The basis for this prevention work is the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, ratified by Switzerland in 1997. 

Please note that this tool is at the moment developing, and the overall goal is to produce an App for iOS, Android and Windows, which will be regularly updated.

Send your personal incident to our team We will include it in our mapping after checking the facts with you.

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